ST4 Two Seat Desert Buggy Plans

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Fabrication Skills Rating: 3-4
Cost To Build Rating: 3-4

ST4 is a premium two seat motorcycle engine powered off road vehicle that you can build yourself at home using our highly detailed fabrication plans.

ST4 features a long travel double a-arm suspension using Fox Air Shocks, both front and rear.  We have done all of the engineering and geometry calculations to ensure your suspension, steering and driveline will function correctly and reliably for years.

We designed our ST4 off road vehicle to be simple for you to build at home using your own welder, tube bender and fabrication tools.  ST4 fabrication plans are laid out in a logical step-by-step format.  We explain all the necessary fabrication steps that you need to do to successfully construct this premium off road vehicle. Our fabrication plans include both metric and imperial measurements in millimeters and inches.  We show you how to cut and bend individual tubes, how to prepare the ends of tubes to accurately fit together, then how to weld individual tubes into an overall chassis frame.  Our fabrication plans also include measured fabrication and machining drawings for constructing the entire front and rear suspension systems including detailed parts lists for all the parts you need to purchase.  We also show you how to build the robust rack and pinion steering system.

You can purchase and install a variety of motorcycle engines.  We do not show you how to install the engine, as every engine has different mounting points, however, we have designed the engine compartment of ST4 to accept just about any size of motorcycle engine.

We have included files so you can have some parts precision laser cut.  DXF files are two dimensional CAD (computer aided design) patterns that all laser cutting shops use worldwide to create precision laser cut steel plates.  This saves you time and money.  Your local laser cutting shop does not have to redraw any parts.  You simply give them the DXF files supplied with your fabrication package and they can reproduce exact parts for you. All our flat steel plates are designed to be self-jigging.  We have designed slots with mating tabs in our steel plates so they fit precisely together.  There is no guessing how parts fit together, as we have done all the hard work for you. We also provide you with information on where you can purchase all of the bolt-on parts you will need.

ST4 Fabrication Plans Package includes:

100 page Instruction Manual with measured drawings in PDF format, 40 DXF files (generic CAD) for all flat steel laser cut plates, 32 CAD renderings in JPEG format, 4 CAD models (uneditable) in DWF format (link to free CAD viewer) including 3D CAD model of entire vehicle, chassis weldment, front suspension, rear suspension & drive system, Parts Lists including Steel Order List, Nuts & Bolts List, Purchased Parts List in PDF & XLS formats c/w parts suppliers, part numbers, quantities, contact info.

ST4 Safety:

Design includes mounts for 5 point racing harnesses (driver & passenger), racing certified polyethylene bucket seats, racing certified brake & clutch foot controls, dual front disc brakes, single rear disc brake, professionally designed roll cage & chassis system.

ST4 Handling:

Rack & pinion steering system, adjustable camber angles in front suspension/steering, 15 degrees of built-in castor angle in steering system (self-centering steering), Up to 14″ of wheel travel at all corners, double a-arm suspension all around, fully adjustable & tunable Fox 2.0 series air shocks (rebuildable & tunable dampening), lightweight tubular steel chassis design @ approx 200 lbs (ie: lightweight means improved power-to-weight ratio & improved handling/cornering). Overall vehicle will weigh approximately 1100 lbs with engine installed.

ST4 Ease of Fabrication:

Our 100 page ST4 fabrication manual include step-by-step progressive fabrication drawings with sub-assemblies, weldments, bending details, flat plate details, etc… Basically, you start at the beginning of the plans & work your way through step-by-step. Every drawing has a parts/materials list (where applicable). Chassis drawings show you how to start by making a square tube base frame then progressively build upon that starting point. All materials are readily available worldwide.

Fabrication Skills Rating:
Rating 1-2 = Beginner
Rating 2-3 = Intermediate
Rating 3-4 = Experienced
Rating 4-5 = Expert

Cost to Build Rating:
Rating 1-2 = Low $500/High $2,000+
Rating 2-3 = Low $1,000/High $3,500+
Rating 3-4 = Low $3,500/High $7,500+
Rating 4-5 = Low $7,500/High $15,000+

ST4 Specifications:
Wheelbase = 90.5″ (2300mm)
Overall Length = 127″ (3225mm)
Overall Width = 73.5″ (1867mm)
Overall Height = 58″ (1473mm)
Seating = Two (2) persons
Estimated Weight = 1100 lbs (500 kg)
Ground Clearance = 15.5″ (394mm)
Suspension Travel (Front) = 14″ (356mm)
Suspension Travel (Rear) = 14″ (356mm)
Steering Type = Rack & Pinion with steering wheel disconnect
Brake System (Front) = Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Brake System (Rear) = Single Hydraulic Disc Brake
Engine Type = 600cc+ Motorcycle Engine
Drivetrain = U-Joint drive shafts
Differential = none
Reverse = none
Tires = Front and Rear AT26x7-15 (full size spare)
Wheels = 15×7, 5+2 offset, 4 bolt on 100mm

Digital Delivery of Fabrication Plans:

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