Dual Shifter Plans

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Build your own high quality dual gear & reverse shifters!


Fabrication Skills Rating: 3-4
Cost To Build Rating: 0-1

Quality, Reliability, Durability & Safety, all in one Gear Shifter plans package!

Our new Dual Shifters are specifically designed for lightweight motorcycle powered off road vehicles.

The Gear Shifter Lever is actuated by a push/pull cable connected to the gear shift lever on any motorcycle engine.  The Reverse Shifter is actuated by a push/pull cable connected to a lever on your reverse gear box.  The Gear Shifter Lever design includes a “self-centering” feature which returns the Gear Shifter Lever to a center position via dual extension springs.  This provides reliable & safe gear shifts on your buggy.  The Reverse Shifter Lever features a “normally forward” position held in place by an extension spring.  To shift in reverse gear, simply pull back and hold the Reverse Shifter Lever to actuate your reverse gear box.  Release the Reverse Shifter Lever, and the spring loaded design will return you to your forward gear.

Our Dual Shifters are compatible with just about any motorcycle powered buggy or off-road vehicle that shifts via a push/pull cable.  Shifters can be configured “Back-to-Back” (as shown) for two seat vehicles, or, they can be mounted to the left and right of the driver for one seat vehicles.

Compatible with all 1 seat and 2 seat Badlandbuggy.com Buggy Plans.

Our Dual Shifter Plans Package includes:
– 35 Page DIY Construction Plans in PDF format
– One (1) 3D CAD Model in .STEP format of the Overall Shifter Assembly
– Six (6) 3D CAD Models in .STEP format for Machined Parts
– Four (4) 2D CAD files in DXF format for Laser Cut plates
– Parts List
– Detailed Purchased Parts page
– Machining Details
– Welding Details
– Plate Bending Details
– Finishing Details
– Final Assembly Instructions
– Mounting Dimensions

Fabrication Skills Rating:
Rating 1-2 = Beginner
Rating 2-3 = Intermediate
Rating 3-4 = Experienced
Rating 4-5 = Expert

Cost to Build Rating:
Rating 0-1 = Low $150/High $400+ 

Rating 1-2 = Low $500/High $2,000+
Rating 2-3 = Low $1,000/High $3,500+
Rating 3-4 = Low $3,500/High $7,500+
Rating 4-5 = Low $7,500/High $15,000+

Digital Delivery of Fabrication Plans:
After you complete your purchase through our website check out, you will automatically receive an e-mail which contains both your purchase confirmation and your digital download link.  Simply click on the download link to instantly download our digital ZIP file, which you will save to your home personal computer.  After your digital ZIP file is finished downloading, you will UNZIP the downloaded file on your home computer to view and print the Dual Shifter Plans at home.  We do not mail paper copies.  You are purchasing a digital file.  Your personal download link expires 48 hours after your original purchase.



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