What’s New

January 24, 2015

Welcome to our new website!

What’s New?

We’ve been extremely busy over the past few years developing new innovative DIY products to offer you even more of the best DIY plans in the world!

Badlandbuggy.com has long been a world leader in easy to build DIY plans for the home builder market.    The last few years, we have focused on new product development & testing for niche home builder markets.  These new markets include DIY Jeep products & 3D CAD Models along with continuing to expand our line DIY buggy plans.  We are excited to launch our freshly redesigned website to offer you even more of our unique, high quality, easy to build DIY projects.

Badland Buggy has never been followers.  We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, innovators, as well as, being both students & teachers of this industry.  You will certainly find a multitude of other DIY plans available on the internet these days.  We’ve been in business since 2001.  We’ve seen numerous DIY Plan website come & go over the years.  We’ve stuck to our guns & continued to grow our market.  We like to set ourselves apart by being hands-on, constantly learning, constantly teaching and first & foremost, leading by example, both in our everyday lives & in our profession.  We were one of the first industry innovators to demand a higher level of quality to the DIY Plans market.  We demand a higher level of quality in our products, prototypes & designs and so should you.

Our newly redesigned website is a reflection of our demand for higher quality.

The great thing about the internet is that you have choices.  A lot of choices.  If you’re reading this, we sincerely thank you for choosing to be here.

New 3D CAD Models available

You asked for it & we delivered!

We now offer a variety of highly detailed downloadable 3D CAD models related to the off road & camping industry.   For the DIY Designer wanting to custom design their own 3D products using their own 3D CAD software (like Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Pro-E or similar), our 3D CAD models fill this void.

For some of our featured 3D CAD models, we’ve used the latest 3D laser scanning technology to build a virtual 3D solid model of parts that are extremely hard to model in 3D CAD.  Our Hayabusa Engine 3D CAD model & Corbeau Forza Racing Seat 3D CAD model are two products where we’ve used 3D laser scanners to create highly accurate models.  For the DIY Designer, this ensures you have an accurate 3D solid model to help you design accurate engine mounts, exhausts, cooling systems, seat mounts & racing harness mounts.

We have also developed numerous 3D CAD models within our own 3D CAD software named Autodesk Inventor.  Many of our 3D CAD models were generated in-house from hundreds of physical measurements using digital calipers, accurate up to 0.001″.  Our Hayabusa Instrument Cluster 3D CAD model & Nitto Tire with Trail Ready Wheel 3D CAD model are great examples of models that took us hundreds of manhours to develop.

This is a HUGE time saver for the DIY Designer!  You will save hundreds of hours by simply purchasing our 3D CAD Models.

All 3D CAD models are delivered in three (3) common 3D file formats:  Autodesk Inventor native .IPT 3D format (fully editable), generic 3D CAD .STEP format, generic 3D CAD .IGES format.  This means you can simply import any of our 3D CAD models directly into most 3D CAD software programs & start working immediately.

New “Shop Jeep Plans” section

We at badlandbuggy.com are not just engineers & designers.  We are welders/fabricators & true off-road enthusiasts first.

Here are some of the highlights of where we’ve been intimately & personally involved in many aspects of the off-road community over the past few  years.

We have attended the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas.  SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association.  SEMA Show is the premier world showcase for the Automotive Aftermarket industry.

We have custom designed & fabricated a racing approved race car for a race team competing in the world renowned King of the Hammers (the most gruelling off-road race on earth) featuring Ultra4 4 wheel drive off-road desert racing vehicles.  We have also attended the King of the Hammers race week in California.  KOH has been the inspiration & proving grounds for many of new buggy & 4×4 products.

We annually participate as Trail Officials in the largest gathering of off-road Jeep enthusiasts in the world known as Easter Jeep Safari.  Known as the mecca of four wheeling trails, Moab, Utah is host to the annual Easter Jeep Safari, a 9 day event filled with some of the most brutal Jeep rock crawling trails in world.  We are active members of one of the largest & most respected Jeep clubs in the USA (Red Rock 4 Wheelers) & through annual events like Easter Jeep Safari, we help guide other Jeepers through some of the highest rated Jeep trails in the USA.  These experiences have not only rigorously proven our 4×4 products over the years, but has also given us invaluable feedback from other true enthusiasts.  It has helped us become leaders & teachers of responsible four wheeling practices to help preserve our trail riding land for generations to come.  Moab has been the inspiration & proving grounds for many of our new Jeep products.

All of the DIY Jeep Plans we now offer have been personally tested (more like abused) by the owners of badlandbuggy.com, as well as, numerous other hard core 4 wheelers.  You can now fabricate your own Badland Buggy 4×4 Parts at home using our high quality DIY Jeep Plans.  As with all our plans, we’ve made the fabrication steps easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, tube bending drawings, welding details, laser cut plates, and 2D DXF files for having your parts professionally laser cut & CNC formed.  The benefit is that it’s far less expensive for you to fabricate your own 4×4 aftermarket parts than simply purchasing your 4×4 aftermarket parts.  Nobody else in the world offers high end DIY Jeep Plans.  They will sell you a finished product but they want to keep their designs proprietary.  We think the opposite.  We think you should be able to build your own high quality 4×4 aftermarket parts at home instead of having to buy them.  We design, fabricate & abuse all our 4×4 products years before we release our DIY plans.  We then offer you the best DIY Jeep Plans for a product that you can have confidence in knowing it will perform flawlessly for years to come.

New “Dual Shifter Plans”

We have developed a new line of high quality cable actuated Dual Gear & Reverse Shifter Plans.  These new shifters are designed to be compatible with every Badland Buggy design, both one seat & two seat buggy models.  We have been asked by hundreds of customers over the years “how” we build gear shifters for our prototype buggies.  From our years of buggy design & development experience, we are proud to finally introduce our DIY Dual Shifter Plans.  35 pages of highly detailed measured drawings walk your through each step in building your own high quality gear shifter system at home.

New website features

Our new website allows us to frequently update our News & Events, offer sales to our customers, reduce our time to market for releasing new DIY Plans, provide a seamless & pleasurable sales experience for our customers, and most importantly, help us stay even more in tune with our customers.

A new feature of website is our new “Shopping Cart”.  This allows you to add multiple cart items and check out your total shopping whenever you’re ready.  Your shopping security is our highest priority.  With our shopping experience, you have the confidence in knowing that we never receive your personal credit card information.  Your credit card information is processed by a third party, of which, we never receive your personal credit information.  That’s what we expect when we shop online, thus, you should expect it too.

You can now also check out your shopping cart by simply using your credit card, without having to sign up for any accounts.  This increases your check out time so you can begin your new DIY project sooner!

Join Social Networking channels

We’ve also been busy developing your social networking experience.  We know it is important to interact with other buggy builders.  All our customers are encouraged to become a part of the Badland Buggy conversation on our Facebook page (facebook.com/badlandbuggy) where you can interact with other buggy builders from all over the world.

You can also check out our videos on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/badlandbuggy).  We use our YouTube channel to show you what our prototypes are actually like.  From time to time, we also show videos of new products, video tutorials, and just some plain cool buggy videos.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel now, it’s free!

Thank you for being a part of the Badland Buggy community and please continue to stay tuned to us.  It’s because of you, our loyal customer, that we continue to strive to be the best at what we do.  We have THE best customers in the world!

Stay tuned for more news!