Velociraptor Buggy Plans

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Fabrication Skills Rating: 1-2
Cost To Build Rating: 2-3

VELOCIRAPTOR is our beginner buggy plans that you can easily build at home.  The size of the chassis frame will fit both a youth and a 6ft tall adult.

VELOCIRAPTOR Plans includes:

63 page Instruction Manual with measured drawings in PDF format.


Safety features include mounts for a 5 point racing harness, polyethylene bucket racing seat, single rear hydraulic brake & clutch foot controls, professionally designed roll cage & chassis system which uses tubing sizes that are easy to source worldwide.


Rack & pinion steering system, pre-set camber angles in front steering, built-in castor angle in steering system (self-centering steering), lightweight tubular steel chassis design @ approx 120 lbs (ie: lightweight means improved power-to-weight ratio & improved handling/cornering). Overall vehicle will weigh approximately 600 lbs with a 200cc engine installed.

VELOCIRAPTOR Ease of Fabrication:

Our 63 page VELOCIRAPTOR fabrication manual include step-by-step progressive fabrication drawings with sub-assemblies, weldments, bending details, flat plate details, etc… Basically, you start at the beginning of the plans & work your way through step-by-step. Every drawing has a parts/materials list (where applicable). Chassis drawings show you how to start by making a square tube base frame then progressively build upon that starting point. All materials are readily available worldwide.

Fabrication Skills Rating:
Rating 1-2 = Beginner
Rating 2-3 = Intermediate
Rating 3-4 = Experienced
Rating 4-5 = Expert

Cost to Build Rating:
Rating 1-2 = Low $500/High $2,000+
Rating 2-3 = Low $1,000/High $3,500+
Rating 3-4 = Low $3,500/High $7,500+
Rating 4-5 = Low $7,500/High $15,000+

VELOCIRAPTOR Specifications:
Wheelbase = ″ (mm)
Overall Length = 90″ ( mm)
Overall Width = 58″ ( mm)
Overall Height = 50″ ( mm)
Estimated Weight = 600 lbs ( kg)
Ground Clearance = ″ (mm)
Suspension Travel (Front) = 0″ (0mm) No Suspension
Suspension Travel (Rear) = 0″ (0mm) No Suspension
Steering Type = Rack & Pinion
Brake System (Front) = None
Brake System (Rear) = Single Hydraulic Disc Brake
Engine Type = 200cc+ Industrial Engine
Drivetrain = CVT Torque Converter (Belt Drive to Chain Drive)
Differential = None
Reverse = None
Tires = Front, Rear
Wheels = Front, Rear, 5 bolt on 4.50″ bolt circle

Digital Delivery of Fabrication Plans:

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